Nowadays the success of a company stands and falls by the qualification of its employees. It decides how the resources deployed are used. Investments in the training and continued professional development of employees are therefore an indispensable requirement for the continued survival of many companies.

Therefore, an important component of the integrated AGENS solution concept is a training concept, whose objective is to ensure successful and prompt implementation of planned engineering actions. In addition to the client-orientated development of new training topics and forms, our strength lies in
particularly high up-to-dateness. We update our range of topics at regular intervals. Our clients and naturally our employees, whose continuous training and continued professional development is one of the pillars of our corporate philosophy, equally benefit from this.
In our training courses we offer the opportunity of matching the dates and content to the individual needs of our training participants. In these seminars our clients acquire tailored specific and/or general knowledge - cost-effectively and purposefully. Our declared objective is: more effective use of potential of state-of-the-art engineering tools - independent of manufacturers and short-term trends.