3D Laser Scanning

Planning and scanning from a single provider

In the industrial area the use of 3D laser scanning helps create collision-free plans, perform various simulations and allow to generate easily 3D CAD models, which all have a enormous impact on quality in the design phase.

The result of a 3D laser scan is a digital point cloud, which is nothing else than a digital 3D image/copy of an existing installation. This fully digital representation is the basis for all further planning and analysis of the projects.

The obtained data are very accurate and reliable. The resulting data and models can be used as the basis for further processing in CAD software such as PDMS, PDS, AutoCAD, MicroStation, Leica Cyclone and more ...

The software "Tru View" allows virtual walks through the plant, without leaving the office. All plant data can be accessed directly from the point cloud on your desktop.

No matter if you need a general information or go into detail with your planning.
Once scanned - means forever geometrically captured.
Those digital data provides a perfect basis for multiple purposes and upcoming projects.

Our scanner in use:

Z + F IMAGER® 5010

  • Range 187 meters
  • Eye safe laser class 1, protection class a\a
  • IP53 (dust and splashproof)
  • High precision / High measuring rate (> 1 million points/s)
  • High speed for all applications
  • Temperature range from -10 to +45 ° C
  • Field of view 320 ° x 360 °
  • Dual Axis

3D laser scanning has a wide spectrum of application fields, such as:

  • architecture
  • heritage preservation
  • plant engineering
  • shipbuilding
  • automotive industry

and provides an optimal and economical solution.